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Giancarlo Stanton is not getting traded to the Giants . I feel like that disclaimer is necessary before every one of these posts, but I still write them because people click and I shameless. Unless the Giants are willing to eat nearly all of the $300 million remaining on his contract which they aren they won have the prospects to compete with the other teams. Bob Nightengale adds another wrinkle to this tale, though. While it obvious that the Giants would have at least some interest in Stanton, he suggested in an interview on KNBR that the feeling is mutual. he Dodgers have no interest. They are trying to cut payroll and everything else. He not going to the Dodgers, there no chance of that happening, so I think it either San Francisco, St. Louis or Philadelphia, and San Francisco is easily his first choice.s far as I know, Nightengale has never been wrong Juan Marichal Black Jersey. Never. Been. Wrong. What makes this an intriguing wrinkle is that I can believe it. San Francisco really is a nice place to play. Lots of fans. Cosmopolitan city. Stanton is from Southern California, so it be a return to the best coast. And when it comes to ATT Park, Stanton has already proven that he isn intimidated. Stanton came back in a minute or two, and that when it happened. It sailed on a parabola over the left-field bleachers, onto a causeway, landing in a tiny little replica of ATT Park, where kids play whiffle ball. That where they put the playground because baseballs are not supposed to go there. The children were never supposed to be in jeopardy. There was no reason for anyone think they were ever going to be in jeopardy. When they designed the play area, someone had to have asked if they were worried about home runs landing in it, and everyone probably laughed.Ie seen him spit in the face of ATT Park, and Ie seen ATT Park say, hank you, sir, may I have another?” He would be fine here. Where I take issue with the rumor, though, is this part of Nightengale interview You know theye got plenty of moneyThey ... kind of don. They would blow past the salary-cap tax with Stanton this year, and they would owe well over $100 million to over-30 players in 2020, and that without factoring in a possible extension for Madison Bumgarner. The Giants used to be able to count on sellouts, but them days is long gone. Counting on Stanton to be the dinger salve for their wounds makes a certain amount of sense, but it a huge risk. Like, the kind of risk that ends up with a garage sale in a few years because the team can pay the rent . On the other hand ... dingers! Stanton has a no-trade clause, so if this is accurate, it important. It wouldn matter if the Cardinals or Phillies wanted him if he wants to live in California, like a responsible person. If he wants to be on the Giants, and if the Giants are willing to pay for him, there might be something there. There is not something there. But you clicked. And, more importantly, you at least thought of Stanton on the Giants for a few minutes. It allowed you to dream. It like the gift of a $1 lottery ticket, and you got to dream about your house in Tiburon for a little bit. There no reason to be ashamed. Later in the article, Nightengale suggests that if the Giants can get Stanton, that theyl definitely get J.D. Martinez. That probably worthy of its own article, but I really can see that. He going to get goofy-town money and cost draft picks, while being older and coming off an unexpectedly brilliant season. For now, though, focus on the idea that Stanton might want to come to the Giants. You might say that I a dreamer, but I not the only one.

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Because of this type of flotation machine does not need to produce negative suction, so the impeller speed is low. Therefore, the motor power can be smaller, lower power consumption, Flotation Machine reduce mechanical wear and tear directly after surface modification slime flotation flotation process, magnetic tailings recovered through the cyclone group coarse slime, overflow Flow into the inflatable flotation flotation system, after the surface modification and the second paragraph of microbubble flotation, flotation of coal by pressure filtration dehydration, the product incorporation of coal, flotation flotation tail coal Concentrated by filter press dehydration into slime. In the flotation process, flotation machine is to achieve the basic equipment flotation separation. Flotation machines and ordinary machines, in addition to ensure reliable, wear-resistant, energy saving, low cost and easy to manufacture, but also to meet the special needs of the flotation process. As pneumatic and froth separation devices are not commonly used in industry today, no further discussion about them will be given in this module. The mechanical machine is dearly the most common type of flotation machine currently used in industry, followed by the column machine which has recently experienced a rapid growth. Reading

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Baseball picks have different from other sports picks for one big reason: No point spreads are attainable. I think for many it is the social aspect as well as the continuing fitness piece. You really can't nhl jerseys cheap mistake the white and blue uniforms on the ice even when. Juqua Parker-RDE- Parker fantastic rusher, especially on 3rd down. As NHL is popular, wholesale NHL hockey jerseys are hot-sellers all over the world. This inattention to detail has been symbolic of something like a franchise which was once known for its blue-collar work ethic, but has gained a reputation of overpaying stars at glamorous positions. New Orleans will be looking for Canfield to just make his distance to the number 2 quarterback spot. It will be indeed interesting to see what tactics the British Lions trevor bauer jersey authentic of 2009 will imply at the game while sporting Ian McGeechan to coach them. They dominated Jacksonville's defense: Drew Brees stood a monster game and Reggie Bush.well, he wasn't bad either. Good baseball team will have the perfect movement in the MLB, when they wear the same baseball jerseys, they play as a solid perfect yan gomes game jersey team and also the coach is a-# 1 of this team, and it is important to build good relationship with the baseball players. Imagine is actually must have felt in order to be Junior in the outfield right next to his father and imagine how proud Griffey Sr must also been. So if your determination through using decorating an enjoyable family room for family members members member to enjoy, consuming take much effort believe about out some creative suggestions for the feature. The Rams could only manage field goals in the primary two weeks (3, 6 total points) but they did manage to get into the final zone in week three and amass double digits scoring (10) in my ballet shoes all ambient temperature. Extremely knives you will get from a retail store my husband has found (and he is a knife dealer) are the Henckels brand at Bed Bath and Beyond. Analysis: Chaney was a great deal in the deathly hollows round. You can`t become enthusiastic about just one day of hard work, having the body of your dreams takes an entire lifetime. Pittsburgh Steelers is an intense team in nfl. The newcomers enroll in a kenneth faried jersey youth group of returnees discussing outfielder Kameron Brunty, shortstop Ashley Graeter and catcher Jared Bales. How about the 8-3 Jets who were on their way into the Super Dish? With the score at the end of the third quarter the Wildcats never seriously threatened Nebraska's show. Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona It's difficult to call Fitzgerald a sleeper, but one atrocious play he got from his quarterbacks throughout he became a non-factor the actual planet fantasy world. Develop into of your mlb picks succeed, your payout at least 6 to a single (for three out of three) and perhaps as high as 320 to one (for nine out of nine). Matt Snyder, Alex Yarbrough and Bobby Wahl return towards fold for Ole Miss (30-25), right now there is much buzz about incoming freshmen like Pascagoula outfielder Senquez Golson (currently playing football), Sumrall catcher Austin Knight, denver nuggets jersey wholesale Biloxi pitcher Hawtin Buchanan and Madison Central pitcher Josh Laxer. They loaded through will barton game jersey defense (9 picks, 3 linebackers). I we imagine you take allow me to for coaching baseball gravely. If I happen to hook a little quantity of the game while channel-surfing, so whether it. Coleman has a legitimate shot at making the Eagles a new result cleveland indians jersey of his use special football teams. Playoff spots could easily be on the road in informed me. Granted it is only about six weeks into the season; nevertheless, Ruiz is justifying my confidence. Terrific Album. Özlem Havanli Christmas gift. Moha Dib I'm a 5'3, 125 lb girl and got the small. The armholes are a little large so I wear a cami underneath, and the length makes the jersey seem almost like a really short dress, but it looks great! Jorge Medeiros Great item, nice quality Mai Mareay Baseball Players Need Infield Grounder Exercises Nfl Dog Clothes For Small Dogs Hurricanes Announce Development Camp Roster All About Unopened Sports Cards Ideas For Party Theme - 4 Quick Party Themes

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Two years after leaving the Heights, former Men’s Basketball player Garland Owens finds himself on the Seattle Seahawks’ Rookie Minicamp roster. He will wear number 85 and tryout as a Wide Receiver. While not known as a prolific scorer or a huge asset on the offensive side of the floor 3.5 PPG, .473 FG , .304 3P , 0.8 ORB , 0.8 AST, , Owens certainly delivered quite the highlight reel and momentum boost for the Eagles with his acrobatic dunks and sheer athleticism. The former Eagle set out to transfer into the University of Maryland’s graduate program and walk on as a tight end for the Terps as a fifth year senior for last season. While this Ahtyba Rubin Jersey garnered a lot of hype, there is not much information as to what happened to him after that news leak in his times with the Terps if that even did end up coming to fruition . With his insane 45 inch vertical and ball handling skills, it is no surprise that Owens would tryout as a member of the Seahawk’s receiving core. However, whether his basketball mindset and skills will transition well to the NFL remains to be seen. Either way, we wish the best of luck to Garland as he continues to chase his dream of playing at the professional level! Re live some of Garland’s SportsCenter caliber dunks below https // GugpY4reTF4 Here is the press release of the Seahawk’s Rookie Minicamp Roster Courtesy of Curtis Crabtree

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A brief 20 minute nestled amongst the trees in this lush tropical area and drive out of Chiang Mai in The North of Thailand lies Maesa Elephant Camp. These splendid creatures are interchangeable with Siam and their pictures feature ardently on sign posts , visuals, structures and all over the place else. For this brings good luck to everyone else, in Bangkok there's even the Famous Chang building that is designed to seem like an elephant. It's ironic an critter that is so revered and presumed blessed is, through ignorance , frequently treated rather badly in Siam. They used to be a common sight on the streets of Bangkok, strolling so the tourists can feed them round the entertainment areas with their mahouts, who promote corn cobs. The government spoke for ages of banning this practice and eventually, sadly just after one was killed by a pickup , did happily they are not any longer seen in the State's smog-filled Capital and they carry out the ban. Maesa Elephant Camp was established in 1976, it truly is the greatest of it is kind in Northern Thailand and is dwelling to about 80 of these glorious beasts. Choochart Kalmapijit who created the centre has already established a life-long love of elephants and a profound understanding of them. He continues his significant work to this day , and it has dedicated all his working life to stay and around elephants. The more controversial part of the experience are the shows which might be staged 3 x a day. Whilst some animal welfare folks would assert that this really is demeaning to the elephants, they truly do look like they may be enjoying themselves and seem absolutely happy. Of course it's this satisfaction factor that generates the revenue flow so urgently needed for the camp to carry-on its conservation work. The stark truth of the issue is that without areas like this , these critters would confront a much more demanding existence, most wouldn't live. As 20 elephants enter the arena, trumpeting triumphantly whilst their mahouts sit proudly atop the show begins with a grand parade. The trainers slide down the trunks to dismount and are lifted gently backup in a show of understanding between animal and man. The bunch really got in to the swing of stuff and clapped along with the music. Elephants can paint, which is something I 'd found out about but only half believed. The mahouts hand them a paintbrush loaded with paint , direct them in front of an easel and away they go. Trees and blossoms soon spring into see and the outcomes can be bought at the shop after the present. Whilst not just John Constable they are recognizable for what they are assumed to be signifying. No question if nominated anonymously a Turner prize would take the reckoning. Everyone enjoyed themselves including the elephants and all-too soon the present is over. It's possible for you to book a ride round the dense forest that surrounds the camp in a rickety howdah which is strapped on top of the bigger animals. This gives a real feel to the existence of functioning elephants and is worth doing. Three and one, two days classes in training and the care of elephants can be found. These mahout classes supply visitors with memories and a completely exceptional experience to last a life time. I truly appreciated my day at The Maesa Elephant Camp and would recommend it to anyone. Cosmetic surgery is done by qualified surgeons to visually improve any part of the body. Usually, many people undergo cosmetic surgery to better their appearance. It is also referred to as elective surgery, since the patient chooses to undertake surgery although it is not mandatory.Cosmetic surgery can be broadly classified into body contouring , facial cosmetic surgery, non-invasive treatments, and facial rejuvenation. According to recent figures published by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, women were not the only ones undergoing cosmetic surgery. Men accounted for 11 percent of the total cosmetic surgeries performed in 2005.Whether a patient is considering a face-lift , liposuction or breast implants, cosmetic surgery should not be viewed frivolously. Many surgeons are of the opinion that certain factors in the patient茂驴陆s life could be influencing their decision to undergo cosmetic surgery, and they may choose to delay the operation until the patient has received psychiatric counseling. This is largely due to the fact that the results of cosmetic surgery are permanent. It is preferable to choose a cosmetic surgeon who has a couple of years of training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, in addition to basic surgical training. Patients should opt for surgeons who specialize in the kind of procedure they are seeking. A good reference point is the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery [AACS] , which promotes the practice of cosmetic surgery. Since its formation in 1985, the AACS has become the leading representative of cosmetic surgery practitioners from a wide range of medical disciplines, including general surgery, plastic surgery , dermatological surgery, ophthalmology and otolaryngology. Cosmetic surgery is being used to enhance various parts of body by men and women alike around the world. With the surgery becoming less complicated and more easily accessible, it is now also affordable for many people. The profile will give you a clear and an unbiased view of the company's key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better. 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Photo Bence Boda The Fehérvár Enthroners got its first win in the HFL after defeating the DAK Acél Gorillaz away. The defense is starting to become solid after Tim Mcgee’s arrival and the return of the injured players. Still it needs some minor adjustments. The offense also got confidence thanks to Antonio Roane’s three touchdowns in Dunaújváros. Maybe the Enthroners are capable of beating the Cowbells too in the First Field, where they have not won a game. After the reigning champion lost against the Wolves in Székesfehérvár, they had a lot of work to do in just under two weeks. The biggest question will concern the quarterback situation. The coaching staff has to decide who will start. Tamás Váry has not been so confident lately, while receiver Márton Czirók was able to lift the offense after substituting Váry in the third quarter of the Wolves game. Miskolc Steelers 1 1 – Budapest Wolves 3 0 May 6 Vasyl Yordan is back! At least that is what appeared to be happening in the Győr Sharks game. He gave two touchdown passes and took great part in the team’s victory. In addition, Andre Whyte is not the only one, who can contribute to the running game, but Pawel Lesiv. The Ukrainian back’s physicality can tear apart a defense. The Budapest Wolves is in a great form after defeating the Budapest Cowbells. However, head coach István Kovács emphasized, this will be their most difficult game of the season, since the two Hungarian National Team quarterback Vasyl Yordan and Márk Bencsics will face each other in an epic battle. Nevertheless, the six time champion still has bigger quality among the receivers which could be a decisive factor in the match. TD Store Eagles 1 2 – DAK Acél Gorillaz 0 3 May 6 Photo Bence Boda It is hard to stand up after a crushing defeat. The Eagles coaching staff’s task was to mentally put the players together. On the other hand, the squad’s receiver based offense will cause hard times for the Gorillaz defense, since András Storcz returned after a one game suspension, thus, the Eagles can use their full playbook. The only thing they need is a solid defense. Photo Celesztina Szabó In the past two seasons, the Gorillaz and the Eagles helped each other out with some players. However, in 2017 the teams decided to part ways with the other. And the time has come to see this match up. The Gorillaz’s offense seems to be getting into shape. Quarterback Balázs Krasznai is starting to find his receivers and the running backs are more confident than ever. If the defense remains rock hard as earlier, the Gorillaz will get the first win in the season. Győr Sharks 1 2 – Nyíregyháza Tigers 2 0 May 6 Photo Szigetköz Photo Studio The Sharks left behind an action packed week. Quarterback Cody Enman was replaced by John Ross Hudson. In addition, this week Troy Baker also left and Andres Fernandez replaced him as the new head coach. He has his work cut out for since the squad did not perform as expected. Not to mention, after two losses the players must be put together mentally to get back on track. Photo Celesztina Szabó Smashing victory! That is how the Nyíregyháza Tigers made its debut in the Stadium of Nyíregyháza in front of 1300 spectators. The offense and the defense showed strength and confidence during the Eagles game. Thus Alejandro Villanueva Jersey, this squad will be hard to stop, especially when there is a Brian Gessel and a Troy Rice in the offense. Speaking of Gessel. This game will be special for the quarterback because he spent a season with the Sharks two years ago.

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When at the office – or whatever a man refers to as his workplace – a guy always wants to make the best possible impression. Whether leading an important presentation for a potential client , meeting with the boss to make a case for a raise, or simply greeting visitors as they enter the office, a man always wants to lead with strength. In most cases, the state of his male organ health is not going to be a big factor in making a good impression. However, when manhood odor is an issue , that can definitely be a detriment in office advancement. Manhood odor in the office Male organ odor can be a problem for men at any time and in any place, but there are some reasons why it can be especially acute in an office setting. To understand why, it’s necessary to look at why manhood odor occurs generally. The short answer to that is heat and sweat (with a healthy helping of bacteria thrown in). Basically, when the manhood and the surrounding area get hot, sweat forms and accumulates. The sweat glands in the male member area exude a sweat which contains bacteria of a particularly pungent aroma. (The same is true of the sweat glands underneath the arms.) The more heat , the more sweat; the more sweat, the more bacteria – and the greater the odor. Because in its natural state the member is nestled beneath a thick thatch of mid-section hair, and because the sacks are also insulated with a thinner covering of hair, the manhood area is hot to begin with. Snuggle it beneath both a layer of underwear and a pair of trousers and the heat quotient goes up even further. Office addition But it’s not just heat that can cause sweat. Stress is a big factor in sweat production, and many men experience a higher degree of stress at work than they do in many other settings. Scrambling to make a deadline , fretting over whether a “pitch” will land correctly with a client or worrying about the pros and cons of a decision can up the body sweat factor significantly. And that makes existing manhood odor even worse. What to do So how does a guy fight manhood odor at the office? There are several things he can try. • De-stress. This is easier said than done, but finding ways to keep stress to a minimum can be a big help. Find a few minutes to do something relaxing – meditate, take a walk around the block, listen to soothing music, etc. • Dress appropriately. Going commando is usually not an option , but wearing loose-fitting boxers rather than heat-increasing briefs can help. So can wearing lightweight trousers. And there’s no law against bringing an extra pair of boxers and changing into a fresh pair when it’s a hot day. • Watch the diet. Some foods produce sweat with a distinctively strong odor. Which foods do this varies from person to person, but some – such as garlic, onions and asparagus – are often odor triggers for many people. • Wash regularly. Good manhood hygiene can go a long way to keeping a lid on manhood odor. Washing regularly (and thoroughly) is a big help. Intact men should be sure to get under the hood as well. • Use a crème. In the office or at home, manhood odor can be fought with the regular application of a superior male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Not just any crème will do; one with vitamin A is best. Also known as retinol , vitamin A has anti-bacterial properties that fight persistent manhood odor. It’s a good idea to also select a crème with alpha lipoic acid, a potent antioxidant. By fighting free radicals, alpha lipoic acid helps prevent oxidative stress, leaving male organ skin healthier and more resistant to bacteria. Porcelain is generally used for artistic and utilitarian purposes. Porcelain ware come in the form of plates, dinner sets , cups, pots or vases. Plates are integral to catering services and for all kinds of applications. The hospitality industry seeks to impress the customer with remarkable dishware. This is a big attraction in restaurants and hotels which aim at keeping with the serving standards. You can purchase individual or sets of plates that can be used for different purposes in your restaurant. Online suppliers in Australia, provide you these products that are great in quality and durability. These are porcelain made, giving it a feature of attractiveness and great to show off. Numerous Styles in Plates You come across restaurants of various kinds and holding various styles. You may notice that many a times, the dishware complements the ambience of the hotel or restaurant. Whether they are plates , coffee mugs, trays or bowls they signify a theme. You would definitely want dishware that suits your restaurant style. Wholesale suppliers in Australia supply a wide variety of plates and other dishware. They come in various designs like pasta or pizza plates, round, square, ribbed rim or oval plates. White is a common colour range found in most hotels and is in great demand. Hence these suppliers provide white plates in variety. You have choices like Maxim , Aura, Infini in these porcelain products. Melamine platter and trays are also a great choice. Other Dishware The other essentials in food service are cups, mugs. These products made of porcelain have an elegant look and are found at motels, cafes or restaurants. These are made of top quality white porcelain and suit your budget. Coffee mugs not only are great to use, but also are great for display. You could purchase cups ranging from espresso mugs to cappuccino and tea cups. You can make your choice of cup.

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As near as the Vander Esch family can tell, everybody carrying that name in the United States got their start when Leendert Vander Esch came over from the Netherlands a little more than a century ago. It meant that when a 6 4, 256 pound fellow named Leighton Vander Esch from Boise State went to the Dallas Cowboys with the 19th pick in the first round last week, if you had the same last name, there was a really good chance you were related to him. Leighton’s father Darwin played football at West Sioux High School, as did his uncle Doug, who later went on to become a hall of fame linebacker at the University of South Dakota. Darwin’s cousin Darrell also played for the Coyotes and the USD roster now includes wide receiver Caleb Vander Esch, who is Doug’s son and Leighton’s cousin. Is your head spinning yet? Adding to this recognition of smalltown northwest Iowa moxie was that the next pick in the draft, No. 20, was used by the Detroit Lions to take Frank Ragnow, a center at Arkansas whose mother Marty is also a graduate of West Sioux High School, as well as a former Augustana basketball player. Two draft picks from the same draft who go consecutively in the first round Lucas Wacha Jersey, both of whom have a parent who graduated from West Sioux High School. Now that’s not something you see every day. Darrell, who graduated from South Dakota in 1984, was often responsible for picking up Leighton, by all accounts a quiet and humble kid who walked on at Boise State after playing 8 man high school football, at the airport in Sioux Falls and driving him to family reunions. The Vander Esches are basically rock heads,” said Darrell, who lives in Sioux Falls. “We want to be told we can’t do something so that we can go out there and do it.” While Leighton might phrase it a little differently, his story would certainly qualify as being the fruit of a rock head philosophy in that he s been quieting naysayers throughout his college career. Darwin, a prominent hunting and fishing guide in the northwest, lives in Riggins, Idaho, pop. 406, with his wife and Leighton’s mother, the former Sandy Van Ommeren. Sandy was a star basketball player at nearby Maurice Orange City High School in Iowa. His cousin Caleb, a California native who went to Willow Glen High School in San Jose, got to see his cousin once every three years at family reunions. As both began to emerge as college level football players, they began talking more often. “It’s been fun talking about football with Leighton,” Caleb said. “To think he went from eight man football to a first round pick is pretty amazing. He’s a really good guy, humble, super positive. We don’t play any football at the family reunions, but we do play basketball. He dominated. The whole family is excited for him – it’s great to see a guy like that fulfill his dreams.” While Leighton ruled the earth at the eight man level in Idaho and was also among the best basketball players in the state Idaho’s major college football program wasn’t interested enough to offer to pay for his education. No matter. The important thing was that Leighton wanted to go there. Equipped with the will – and a lot of as yet underappreciated athletic ability – he did what he set out to do. “He really wanted to go to Boise State to play football and I think he was going to do that, no matter who else was recruiting him,” Darwin said. “And after this season he really wanted to play for Dallas at the next level. The stars have aligned all the way through – and now he has the star on the helmet.” Leighton’s stats as a high school athlete read like somebody made them up. At Salmon River High School his senior season he passed for 2,155 yards and 28 touchdowns, ran for 1,565 yards, made 131 tackles, picked off five passes, recovered five fumbles and scored four defensive touchdowns. He had more than 500 yards total offense in the state championship football game, then turned around and averaged 29.4 points and 11.1 rebounds on the basketball team, leading Salmon River to consecutive state titles. “I was really pushing for him to stay in basketball,” Sandy said. “We built a 50 foot by 75 foot steel building with a concrete floor with breakaway hoops…I spent a lot of time out there rebounding for him and playing him in one on one. I’d let him win about 50 percent of the time – I didn’t want to overwhelm him by constantly beating him. That lasted until he was a freshman. When he was a sophomore, junior and senior, it didn’t matter what I did, he was way better.” Ragnow’s mother, Marty Scroggs Ragnow, was an outstanding basketball player and a runner at West Sioux who went on to play basketball at Augustana in the late 1980s. Her husband Jon, who died of a heart attack at age 54 in 2016, was an inspiration for Frank, a highly recruited high school player at Chanhassen who came out of Arkansas as the highest rated center in the country last year. Ragnow heard his name called just moments after Vander Esch heard his. “ Jon, his father always told me that, ‘Don’t be a schmo,’ ” Frank Ragnow told the StarTribune in the days leading up to the draft. “Make these guys think you’re a good guy. I think he’s really proud of me. I’m just trying to continue the plan every day. That’s the thing we always did. We lived it one day at a time and we faced our goals together. I’m just trying to keep that process going and do what he would want me to do.” Those words ring familiar to those of Darwin Vander Esch, whose son grew up in a much more rural setting, but with the same humble, common sense approach to challenges. “There are a lot of young men and women from small towns who are just looking for a chance to prove themselves,” Darwin said. “I think a lot of coaches are surprised at how they step up and compete. That’s what I’ve always told Leighton and that’s how he’s done it. He’s humble, he’s not forgetting where he came from and he’s not scared of hard work.”