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A brief 20 minute nestled amongst the trees in this lush tropical area and drive out of Chiang Mai in The North of Thailand lies Maesa Elephant Camp. These splendid creatures are interchangeable with Siam and their pictures feature ardently on sign posts Tim Ream USA Jersey , visuals, structures and all over the place else. For this brings good luck to everyone else, in Bangkok there's even the Famous Chang building that is designed to seem like an elephant. It's ironic an critter that is so revered and presumed blessed is, through ignorance Tim Howard USA Jersey , frequently treated rather badly in Siam. They used to be a common sight on the streets of Bangkok, strolling so the tourists can feed them round the entertainment areas with their mahouts, who promote corn cobs. The government spoke for ages of banning this practice and eventually, sadly just after one was killed by a pickup Steve Birnbaum USA Jersey , did happily they are not any longer seen in the State's smog-filled Capital and they carry out the ban.
Maesa Elephant Camp was established in 1976, it truly is the greatest of it is kind in Northern Thailand and is dwelling to about 80 of these glorious beasts. Choochart Kalmapijit who created the centre has already established a life-long love of elephants and a profound understanding of them. He continues his significant work to this day , and it has dedicated all his working life to stay and around elephants.
The more controversial part of the experience are the shows which might be staged 3 x a day. Whilst some animal welfare folks would assert that this really is demeaning to the elephants, they truly do look like they may be enjoying themselves and seem absolutely happy. Of course it's this satisfaction factor that generates the revenue flow so urgently needed for the camp to carry-on its conservation work. The stark truth of the issue is that without areas like this Sebastian Lletget USA Jersey , these critters would confront a much more demanding existence, most wouldn't live.
As 20 elephants enter the arena, trumpeting triumphantly whilst their mahouts sit proudly atop the show begins with a grand parade. The trainers slide down the trunks to dismount and are lifted gently backup in a show of understanding between animal and man. The bunch really got in to the swing of stuff and clapped along with the music.
Elephants can paint, which is something I 'd found out about but only half believed. The mahouts hand them a paintbrush loaded with paint Sacha Kljestan USA Jersey , direct them in front of an easel and away they go. Trees and blossoms soon spring into see and the outcomes can be bought at the shop after the present. Whilst not just John Constable they are recognizable for what they are assumed to be signifying. No question if nominated anonymously a Turner prize would take the reckoning.
Everyone enjoyed themselves including the elephants and all-too soon the present is over. It's possible for you to book a ride round the dense forest that surrounds the camp in a rickety howdah which is strapped on top of the bigger animals. This gives a real feel to the existence of functioning elephants and is worth doing.
Three and one, two days classes in training and the care of elephants can be found. These mahout classes supply visitors with memories and a completely exceptional experience to last a life time.
I truly appreciated my day at The Maesa Elephant Camp and would recommend it to anyone.
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