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For any growing business to achieve success within their industry and overcome their more reputable and financially-able counterparts they must implement a first-class product distribution network. One of the key focal points of that distribution network is the company chosen to deliver products to customers. And that’s why many trust their delivery systems to industry-leading 30-year veteran International Warehouse Group , the New York product distribution specialists.
International Warehouse Group is ideally positioned to meet their clients’ most urgent of demands across the board. Whether organizations require innovative storage facilities that take into account the product’s precise environmental needs, or distribution systems that can ensure products are delivered to their customers within industry-leading turnaround times, International Warehouse Group has proven to be the company in which to entrust the work.
The company’s distribution system combines an exceptional team of customer service staff with a full suite of transportation solutions provided by some of the most highly qualified drivers within the industry. Their flexibility in helping their clients meet order delivery deadlines is first-class. They boast a plethora of experienced drivers who are on-call 24-7 to help ensure on-time , safe delivery for all customer cargo. In addition, the company has business connections with all the major North American distribution companies such as UPS, Fed-Ex and the USPS. This means that they often have access to equipment and routing infrastructure that is simply not available from other distribution companies in New York. This connection to the country’s leading distribution companies also means that the company can employ brokerage services which ensure that additional stops can be placed on any route , potentially helping organizations to increase their level of market penetration through increased product availability.
In addition to their leading-class distribution services, this New York company is also known for the outstanding quality of their warehousing facilities. Comprising over 1,000 ,000 square feet of warehouse space across the country, International Warehouse Group’s network of innovative facilities are considered to be among the highest quality available within North America today. In terms of security, these facilities are simply a cut above the rest , with a versatile 247 electronic security monitoring system in place. The company’s facilities are specifically built for first-class inventory control, and are replete with some of the latest inventory control software available on the market place. This means that customers can rest assured that when they choose the first-class services of International Warehouse Group for their product storage requirements, they will have access to a vast system in which their cargo is kept under tight control at all times.
With its additional catalogue of services , the International Warehouse Group truly takes the spotlight away from the competition. For example, this world class company offers customers a robust quality assurance mechanism. In conducting this quality assurance mechanism, the company’s receiving department inspects all incoming freight and notifies customers directly if their products have either been opened or damaged during shipping. This process can even include taking digital photos in order to catalogue the condition of the products , if required by the customer.
Trustworthy and widely recommended by businesses from various industries, International Warehouse Group can help your organization meet its most pressing of demands. Contact their in-house team to learn more about this first-class organization.
About the International Warehousing Group:
With their 30-year service background in the industry, the International Warehousing Group offers expert distribution and warehouse services across the United States for clients that represent a wide variety of industries. Due to their innovative , climate-controlled storage facility in New York, they have become one of the recognized leaders in providing warehousing for medical supplies and equipment. To learn more, please go to Intlwhsegrp.
It is imperative to find New York distribution services companies that are ready and able to offer a progressive delivery network that ensures packages reach their destination in optimal condition. For more information visit www.intlwhsegrp.
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